A Full Year of Movieline's Virtual Newsstand

At the end of every month at Movieline, we like to assemble that month's best writing into one easy-to-digest table of contents, slap a cover onto it in a tribute to Movieline's print legacy, and call it the Virtual Newsstand. We hope it's a great feature for you, the reader, but it's also a very necessary ritual for the Movieline staff.

There's nothing like assembling the Newsstand to remind us that we really are putting together a magazine (albeit one consumed almost constantly throughout the day in little installments), as our distinctive mix of celebrity interviews, probing analysis, irreverent wit, and world-class reviews often surpasses the shrinking titles you'd find on an actual newsstand.

Consider this link your own shrink-wrapped collection of the past year in Movieline. Let's do it again in 2011, OK?


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