Dixie Carter's Exorcism Exercise


· Dixie Carter was many things during her seventy years of her life: star of Designing Women, wife to Hal Holbrook, unlikely Republican voter, and former boss to eventual Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry (who broke into Hollywood as her assistant). One thing she was not, however, was vain, and this Exorcist-evoking clip from Dixie Carter's Unworkout proves it. Stay tuned for the sweet, infectious burst of laughter at the end:

· Ryan Phillippe is still mad that ex Abbie Cornish leveraged their breakup. "I have a new rule: not to date anyone who has a publicist," Phillippe said to Howard Stern this morning. "Who announces a breakup? I don't understand that! There's no need for that." [Us]

· The screenwriter of Slap Shot wants to put an end to unauthorized Hanson brothers appearances. [NYT]

· Do not ask Russell Crowe whether he wears tights in Robin Hood. [LAT]

· The Modern Family Emmy submission drama has been rectified: everybody's going Supporting. Just give the Emmy to the kid who plays Manny and be done with it. [Deadline]


  • hellcat says:

    Fantastic! Adorable! She couldn't be unattractive if she tried. Made me squeal.

  • Sebastian says:

    HAHAHA!!! Oh my goodness that was great! Wait, she's kind of adorable.

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