TBS Unveils Its Inaugural Conan Promo


It's only been a matter of hours since Conan O'Brien announced that he will depart network television for TBS, and already, the network has posted a promo on their website celebrating their latest acquisition. The same way that NBC speedily transformed Jay Leno's primetime ads (you know, the ones with the vintage blue convertible speeding down PCH?) into Jay Leno's Tonight Show 2.0 commercials, TBS has hastily doctored Conan's fan art to celebrate the impending Conan era. The evidence, after the jump.


  • dissapointed reader says:

    FYI you sound like a tool anytime you use "after the jump" its lame, always has been...

  • SunnydaZe says:

    That's no way to talk to a lady. Shall I ask you to step outside... I'll show you a new meaning for "After the Jump".

  • Double Standard says:

    What, because she is a lady she gets away with it? A tool is a tool. No gender need apply.

  • dissapointed reader says:

    yeah internet tough guy meet me at the bike rack behind yahoo and amazon.com @ Noon so don't be late.
    seriously I hope that was a joke on your part there sunny d because you don't intimate anyone there bub. tell ya what, you give me a way to contact you and not only will let you "show me a new meaning" but I'll give you my address and pay you 50 USD just to put some sunblock on your pasty face and come out from behind your basement desk so you can uselessly call me out in person during your sad attempt to get some blog pussy... your call big-shot. but if your really itching to step outside right now I urge you to find the nearest multi story window and have at it...

  • Mia says:

    This pretty much proves to me that TBS is just jumping on the Late Night War bandwagon so people will pay attention to them, kinda like the fat chick in high school who claimed to have ***** everyone but obviously didn't.

  • inlove says:


  • Thank you for daring to (sort of) start a conversation about the subject at hand. You automatically move to the semi-finalist pool for Comments of the Week.

  • Jo Diggs says:

    Wow, Coco is Da Bomb dude!

  • He is going to own all of the footage, so it looks like he will have more leverage over the TBS execs than the NBC execs. Therefore he might be able to get away with a lot more on the TBS airwaves than on NBC. Ya never know, it might be a good show.

  • Watched him every night for his last 2 years. When he got kicked off I canceled cable to go all PlayOn and torrents. Boo for TBS deciding to offer a second original show right after! haha jk.
    Day-late-torrents should suffice for my late night Conan fix. Might hurt the current events aspect tho... just a little

  • cabal alz says:

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