The Green Lantern Has No Clothes


Slashfilm is reporting that Ryan Reynolds won't be donning your traditional superhero costume for Green Lantern, instead wearing an Avatar-like motion capture suit that will allow the Lantern look to be overlaid as a post-production special effect. This will allow for the most incredible YouTube mashups ever, someday. Ten points to whoever manages to superimpose Seth Rogen's body on the well-abbed actor, finally fulfilling our dream for a Green Lantern-Hornet. [Slashfilm]


  • Terry says:

    Cannot wait for this film. I'm hoping it will be set in the same world as other DC heroes rather than a solo shot.

  • Martini Shark says:

    I cannot WAIT for the eBay auction where they offer up 5 "screen used" ping pong balls from Ryan's Motion Cap suit.