How Does Oprah's Love Affair with John Tesh Stack Up Among Kitty Kelley's Other Tell-All Allegations?


If you are still on the fence about whether to fork over $30 for Kitty Kelley's unauthorized Oprah biography, Movieline is here to help by sorting out the bombshells after the jump. If you are still intrigued, head on over to Amazon, and if not, why don't you pour yourself a cup of coffee and sink into an easy chair opposite Tony Hopkins or Emma Stone. Oh -- and have your grain of salt at the ready:

Still Skimming Through to the Good Stuff

· Oprah's confidante says she "would not be surprised" if Oprah was gay.

· A miserly Oprah refused to shell out $50 for a legacy brick at her Nashville high school.

· Oprah ran for student council on the slogan "Put a Little Color in Your Life. Vote for the Grand Ole Oprah."

· Oprah once told a crowd at the Kennedy Center, "I can't even pee straight!"

· Oprah's weakness foods are sour cream potatoes, Ding Dongs and fried chicken.

Kind of Weird But Still Believable

· She had a bathtub molded to fit her body.

· She sent Bob Hope a bouquet of roses every week for the last thirteen years of his life.

· Oprah and Gayle have pet names: 'Negro' is Oprah and 'Blackie' is Gayle.

· She bought Diane Sawyer a diamond toe ring.

· On the set of The Color Purple, Oprah "fell out" with Whoopi Goldberg, "tangled" with screenwriter Akosua Busia and "offended" Steven Spielberg.

Say Whaaaa?

· Oprah loathed the smell of fuel so much that employees at her airplane hangar popped bags of microwave popcorn whenever she was due to arrive.

· She romanced John Tesh in the '70s:

According to the NY Daily News, Tesh and a "barely out-of-her-teens" Winfrey shared an apartment in Nashville until Tesh bolted on his lover in the middle of the night:

According to Kelley, the "social pressure" on an interracial couple in Tennessee at that time proved too much for Tesh to handle.

"He said one night he looked down and saw his white body next to her black body and couldn't take it anymore," another Tesh ex-paramour told Kelley.

"He walked out in the middle of the night. ... He told me he later felt very guilty about it."

· Oprah's family will not tell her who her biological father is -- but they told Kitty Kelley:

The New York Times reports that although the father is not identified in the new book, the author flaunts the fact that she was able to extract the information from Winfrey's unlike Winfrey herself:

If Ms. Kelley's cage-match Winfrey biography is to be believed, Ms. Winfrey has begged to learn the identity and background of her biological father. Her relatives won't tell her. But on July 30, 2007, Ms. Kelley pried it out of one of them.

In a rare show of discretion, Ms. Kelley claims to be keeping this secret from the world until Ms. Winfrey can extract it firsthand from her mother, Vernita Lee.

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