That's So Palin: Tina Fey Does Saturday Night Live


The best part of Tina Fey's now-iconic Sarah Palin impersonation -- beyond the fact that it's uncanny -- is watching Fey's barely contained rage. It just seems like she really doesn't like the former Alaskan governor. Fey dusted off her mimic skills on Saturday Night Live last night for an ingeniously devastating skit about "The Sarah Palin Network," which featured fake programs like, "Alaskanence: The show about a single woman who doesn't believe in having sex before marriage, who is struggling to raise her three young children." Also: 30 Main Street, but there's no reason to spoil that too. Check it out after the jump.

But wait, there's more! Fey also got back behind the Weekend Update desk for "Women's News" and blasted the likes of John Boehner, Tiki Barber and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee ("When you're body looks like a dirtbag's binder from 7th grade metal shop, it doesn't bode well for your character"). Well played, Tina. Well played.

[Saturday Night Live]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Ha! Intresting to see what Bombshell's response to this will be.

  • PT says:

    I was watching the News Update segment and when Tina got to the part about the Oscar curse for Best Actress I was wondering, does she know that Ryan Phillippe is next week's host?

  • anonymous says:

    wow! oh thank you SNL and TineFey and Hal Rosen for a bit of humor and sanity in this amazing. crazed, white-driven redneck "love" of "amercia's new cheerleader"Sarah Palin!!!!!!!!!!! God if that's the quality of leaership we really want, heaven help this great country (or once was!)........she could indeed wreck it faster than the tea-baggers' obsession of Obama's brillance ever could!
    Does anyone really understand the right's obseesive rage and mania about Pres. Obama??? Besides "socialism", "wrecking the country", etc. etc. etc. ???
    Maybe we need a seminar given by Freud himself, Jung himself, moderated by Deepak Chopra to help us!!
    And most of all, to break this horrible spell that prevents otherwise intelligent, even sophisticated (sometimes!), republicans from seeing through this wiley,self-serving. carciature of a woman, money-driven, riding the coattails of "faith"! and "Jesus" to bring us back to "the good-ole-whites -only days".
    while shooting a few dirty wolves from our front porches!!
    Why can't the rebupicans see that they are fostering a regressive movement for all that is worse (not best!!!!) in America??? But then, that would mean people like Rush and Beck and McConnell and Boehner would become self-refletive!!

  • OST says:

    She is hilarious! I miss her on the show. It's great she was able to do such a great impression that will keep bringing her back.

  • Heath Forejt says:

    Tina's portrayal of Palin is a case where the fake is better than the original. I'm looking ahead to more of this.