James Cameron: King of the Amazon


When most movies are set for release on DVD, the director and stars will make the interview rounds to get the word out. Oh, hey, remember how much you loved our movie? Well check it out on DVD and Blu-ray! But things aren't that simple when you're dealing with the biggest movie ever. So cancel the radio tour: In preparation for Avatar's home video release on Earth Day (April 22), James Cameron went to the Amazon. Seriously.

An article in the Sunday Times today chronicles Cameron's efforts to stop a dam from being built that would cause the flooding of hundreds of square miles in the Amazon jungle and simultaneously dry up 60 miles of Xingu River. It also finds time to make the King of the World sound as ridiculous as possible:

They came from the far reaches of the Amazon, traveling in small boats and canoes for up to three days to discuss their fate. James Cameron, the Hollywood titan, stood before them with orange warrior streaks painted on his face, comparing the threats on their lands to a snake eating its prey.

Okay then! Naturally, this leads to one all-important question: Is James Cameron planning an Avatar prequel with himself lined up to play Jake Sully's father?

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[Photo: NYT]