Screen Time Check: The Celebrity Appearances in Date Night


What do three Oscar nominees, a Gossip Girl and have in common? They're all in Date Night! Hell, even Common himself gets a few lines. The Tina Fey/Steve Carell comedy only runs 88 minutes in length, but it still finds time to squeeze more than 15 recognizable faces into thankless supporting roles. After the jump, a handy guide to the appearances. Spoilers, of course. Though considering everyone plays almost exactly to their specific type, not really.

· Leighton Meester as the prissy babysitter

If you've seen the trailer, you've literally seen her entire performance. Though it certainly feels like there were some other scenes with her left on the cutting room floor. Unless I just imagined the crazy sexual tension she had with Steve Carell.

Approximate Screen Time: 2 minutes.

· Ray Liotta as the mobster who eats pasta

The only thing you'll think of when you see Ray Liotta in Date Night is, "What's Ray Liotta doing here?"

Approximate Screen Time: 2 minutes.

· Mark Ruffalo and Kristen Wiig as the couple getting a divorce

Ruffalo looks like he rolled out of bed to film his one scene with Carell. Not good. Meanwhile, the appearance of Wiig will make you long for a Fey/Wiig screen pairing. Get those ladies together immediately, Hollywood!

Approximate Screen Time: 3 minutes

· JB Smoove as the stereotypical cab driver

The Curb Your Enthusiasm co-star gets to mock "white people" and plug the Amazon Kindle, all while participating in one of the worst green-screen scenes in the history of cinema.

Approximate Screen Time: 4 minutes of mostly screaming.

· Taraji P. Henson as the kindly detective

The first Oscar-nominee! In an R-rated movie, Henson's character would have been killed; in Date Night she saves the day while wearing a truly atrocious wig.

Approximate Screen Time: 6 minutes.

· William Fichtner as the sexual deviant DA who likes brooms

Since Fichtner participates in a truly batty moment involving Fey, Carell and a stripper pole, his random and hammy performance is almost saved. Almost.

Approximate Screen Time: 6 minutes.

· Mark Wahlberg as the deus-ex-machina who doesn't wear a shirt.

Another Oscar-nominee! To Wahlberg's credit, not only does he make a great impression in Date Night, he's actually very funny. When does The Other Guys come out again?

Approximate Screen Time: 10 minutes.

· James Franco and Mila Kunis as the "other couple"

There's a reason why Franco and Kunis are getting such play in the trailer for Date Night. They're capital-H hilarious together. Though considering Franco (the third Oscar nominee, FYI) is a legitimate comic wizard, that isn't too surprising. If you don't laugh with Franco tells Carell to "zip his vagina," you don't have a soul.

Approximate Screen Time: Only 5 minutes, but you'll wish it were 35.


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