Logan Lerman May Be Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man


Who's Logan Lerman, you ask? Well, in addition to starring as the titular Percy Jackson in February's fever dream kiddie pic, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, he's also apparently lined up to play Peter Parker. Sony has placed the 18-year-old on the top of their list to play Spider-Man in the Marc Webb-directed reboot of the mega-franchise, ahead of better known young actors like Jesse Eisenberg and Anton Yelchin.

HitFix's Drew McWeeny (who you know better as "Moriarty" from his days at Ain't It Cool) reports that while Lerman is Sony's "first choice," no financial negotiations have begun just yet. Still, a source close to the production says it's "almost 100% locked."

No word yet on who will play the red-headed Mary Jane to Lerman's Peter Parker, but here's hoping Sony decides to give Movieline favorite -- and actual ginger -- Emma Stone a call.

· Exclusive: 'Percy Jackson' star Logan Lerman frontrunner to be the new 'Spider-Man' [HitFix]


  • Ben says:

    I think they'll probably go with Gwen Stacy this time. Not MJ.

  • AW says:

    Can’t say that I am looking forward to the reboot and the return to high school but Lerman’s not that bad a choice, he was quite good in "3:10 to Yuma".

  • snickers says:

    Reboot already? Okay then. This could be a new trend, like the Hulk movies. Keep remaking the same franchise over and over until one sticks.

  • Brodie79 says:

    A complete shame about this rumour and the fact they are rebooting. The problems with Spiderman 3 were Sony's not Raimi's from the sound of it and now Sony are looking at a lad who is not geeky enough to be Peter Parker nor decent enough an actor to compete with Maguire.

  • 2+2=4 says:

    Emma Stone? She is too old for him, I don't see her as Mary Jane at all, not the type.
    Expect some young girl, probably from the Dysney channel. Who are they growing up there now?

  • pytwxd says:

    Logan Lerman is such a nice Jewish boy. Too bad he didn't get the role.