5 People CBS Should Call to Host Pyramid

CBS is nothing if not traditional. To replace the canceled As the World Turns in their daytime lineup this fall, the network has gone to pilot with a revival of the game show Pyramid. Because nothing says "getting younger" like a game show from the '70s! If this sounds familiar, it's because CBS did something similar last year when they turned to the Wayne Brady-hosted Let's Make a Deal after Guiding Light ended. Dick Clark famously hosted the original Pyramid -- a more recent edition in 2002 featured Donny Osmond -- but, as yet, no one has been announced as host. Fear not though: Here are five prime suggestions.

· Betty White

The 88-year-old might find Saturday Night Live nerve-wracking, but a game show might prove to be less work. Plus, hello, she's basically catnip to the demographic CBS is hoping to court with Pyramid: your parents.

Odds: 20-to-1

· Ken Marino

With the cast of Party Down getting drawn and quartered by the networks, it would be a shame to see the ostensible co-lead get left behind. In his most smarmy moments, Ken Marino comes off like a game show host, so why not just have him host one? The fun for viewers would be in trying to figure out if he was being ironic or genuine.

Odds: 12-to-1

· Rachael Harris

Doesn't it feel like Rachael Harris has been knocking on the door of breakthrough in perpetuity? And not that hosting a game show reboot would constitute "breakthrough," but it would certainly help more than another sour face appearance in The Hangover sequel.

Odds: 7-to-1

· D.L. Hughley

Be honest: if you heard that CBS had hired D.L. Hughley to be the host of Pyramid you'd shrug and say, "Sounds about right."

Odds: 3-to-1

· Conan O'Brien

Sad truth: a daytime game show on CBS might be better for Coco's career than a late night show on Fox.

Odds: Even

· CBS orders 'Pyramid' Pilot [THR]


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