The 6 Best Moments of Jimmy Fallon's Glee Parody

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The most amazing part of Jimmy Fallon's Lost and Glee parodies? Their length. In a medium that is designed for bits that clock in under two minutes, the Late Night host lets these puppies go on forever. Case in point: The second episode of "6-Bee," Fallon's spot-on spoof of Glee, lasts a shade over nine (nine!) minutes. With a running time like that, it's no wonder there are great moments aplenty. Well, that and the appearance from the entire cast of Parks and Recreation, minus Aziz Ansari. If you don't have a spare 1/6 of an hour lying around, here's a running diary of the best parts.

0:00 - 0:27: It's not The West Wing -- or even Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip -- but Fallon and company nail the Aaron Sorkin-patented "walk and talk" that Glee so routinely uses to start its episodes. Technical prowess aside, the highlight might be when Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell exclaims that she can't wait to "shake her ass."

1:27: Fred Armisen shows up as an unsympathetic NBC executive and calls Jimmy Fallon, "Jamie." If you feel like this has happened to Fallon in real life, you're probably right.

3:13: The cast of Parks and Recreation runs through scales as a warm-up, with help from the The Roots. It isn't that funny until you take note of Chris Pratt, who has a sweaty towel around his neck and is screaming to the rafters.

5:20: A massive rendition of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" begins and it's predictably awesome. Please note: no auto-tune on Fallon's voice. Take that Cory Monteith!

7:15: The Roots partake in a barbershop quartet version of "We're Not Gonna Take It" during the bridge, something it's doubtful they ever imagined doing at this point last year. That said, kudos to Questlove's baritone.

8:30: The big finish, which will put a smile on the face of even the biggest cynic for the sheer fact of how into it everyone seems.

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  • ZombieStrike says:

    I wonder if Paul Schneider left Parks & Recreation so that he wouldn't have to do this. It's a shame, because I would've paid money to see him participate.