Project Runway's Anthony Williams on His Second Elimination, Mila's Nerve, and Turning Down His Own Show


After season four's Chris March, Anthony Williams became only the second designer in Project Runway history to be eliminated and brought back in to compete -- and girl, did he compete: Anthony won his first challenge back, with guest judge Jessica Alba gushing that she coveted his black-and-white red carpet gown. We first spoke with the sunny southerner two weeks ago when he was booted, and now we can finally get the full story behind his Runway experience. After the jump, Anthony spills on competitor Mila's "astounding" attitude, his relief at being eliminated a second time, and his plans with Jessica Alba.

Last time I talked to you, I asked if it felt good to be done with the show so you could talk about it. Let's try that again: Does it feel good to be able to talk about the show?

Yeah! This part is fun. I was at the barbershop late last night -- don't ask me why -- but I said to my barber, "Thank GOD I can finally get people out of my face. 'Did you win? Did you win?' Hell no. I didn't win.'" So that's amazing.

What did you make of last night's episode? Mila kept making sniping comments about your "consistency"?

Did she?

Yeah, in her if-a-frown-was-a-voice voice.

You know what, I am amazed by her on this show. I am amazed how a grown woman -- an old, grown woman -- goes to a reality show where she has to audition, and looks around the room and doesn't see anyone that is competition for her. Do you know how big your balls have to be to say something like that? She was probably in the bottom three the same amount of times as me.


She was in the bottom something like four times in a row.

She's...ugh. Whatever. Let's not waste our time talking about her. We're talking about life.

And Jessica Alba! Have you talked with her yet about the dress that she's going to wear of yours?

No, I have the fabric to make the dress, but I have not spoken with her. Jessica, have your people call mine!

Lifetime Publicist: Actually, I think she has the dress in her possession right now. I think they're just decided when and where she's going to wear it.

She has it? Oh, well, I have the fabric here.

They have the actual dress there, I was told.

OK, they could give her the actual dress. She should be able to fit it if she needs an outfit. But I think they naturally buy the fabric off whoever won the challenge, and then keep it in their possession. I have the fabric now, and if they don't need it, then I make 'em another dress.

Was the last challenge daunting to go through? You were invited back on the show only to watch all the remaining contestants go on to Bryant Park.

I felt a little lost -- when you looked on the runway, you saw the same exact thing. I think it's amazing that they give Seth Aaron so much credit for being innovative when he's cut up the same jacket a million times. I mean, he cuts it up impeccably, let's be clear about that. I did think they looked like costumes. It didn't look like an homage to high fashion. I didn't watch last season, but I did think to myself -- it just looked like costumes.

I love Seth Aaron, but that outfit looked a little high-end Hamburglar to me.

Yeah, but that's what they're buying. I also know that those judges, let's face it, they're there on their lunch break. They want to get entertained. They want a show. I think that those individuals who move forward in the competition, whether they're good, bad or indifferent, I think that they gave a show.

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  • Brilliant Interview Louise.

  • Kelley S. says:

    OK, Anthony wasn't always my fave designer - tho "the Alba dress" was one of my fave designs this season - but is one of my FAVE people on the show. Great interview. Totally comes across. I wish he'd reconsider having his own show. 🙂
    If any PR fans are interested, there's a newly released game for Wii based on last season's contestants. You can find discounts, a free ELF Cosmetics gift and additional gameplay deets at my sig link. Yeah, I work with the game...but I am also a HUGE fan of the show.
    Can't wait for the finale and additional "loser" interview!

  • Rocco Petts says:

    Jessica grew up in an enormous household, that's why she wants extra children; I simply want her had the time to care for them...

  • Cyndy Moore says:

    Anthony was Great and sooo down to earth!!! His personality and spirit was so positive and uplifting! And, I Loved his designs! And, I don't care who didn't like them for what ever reason! Anthony, you're a reat Designer and I truly believe that you are a Wonderful person! Keep on Keepin'On and May God forever Bless you in your endeavers!!!
    Much Love, from the HatLady!!!

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