Our Commenters of the Week Win a Personal Betrayal from Max Weinberg!

Movieline's commenters might think that Conan-betraying Max Weinberg has nothing to do with their blithe lives. That is a shame, because today Max Weinberg is forcing an intern to tally up all the times our commenters of the week have thought about him -- and he'll use that number to bargain for a staggering pay raise, one that you are not invited to share. It's an E Street Shuffle in the most down-low way imaginable. So, which of this week's commenters gets to take it personally?

stretch65 on Tyler Perry Apologizes For Not Opening as Wide as Titans, Miley Cyrus: "Cry Madea River."

OldTowneTavern on Michael Musto's The Hollywood Kid: Renner, Runaways, and Juiciest Blind Items Yet: "I'm saying Helen Mirren for everything. Except for the one about the British Oscar Winner with tattoos who married a director and lives in the Big Easy, that one is definitely Piven."

dodge on Saturday Night Revived: "Gotta hand it to NBC. A 30 second commercial before a 42 second commercial. WHO ARE THE INTERNET WIZARDS THAT CAME WITH THIS ONE?"

Bourgeois Nerd on Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Call It Quits: "I blame mercury and gluten for this!"

The Winchester on Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Call It Quits: "DIBS. (Too soon?)"

Congrats to the winning children!


  • SunnydaZe says:

    Yeah, I didn't win, again! If I manage to not win for all of 2010 I am going to eat so much sushi I get mercury poisoning and die!