Men at Work

And so another week flies by at Movieline, where we've harvested only the finest, organically grown beans of news and commentary for your consumption in Week in Review. Brew a pot and have sip, won't you? And have a great weekend!

· Even if Charlie Sheen does walk away from Two and a Half Men, the guy will always have options.

· Many thanks to this week's distinguished interviewees, including Thomas Haden Church, Erin Andrews, Ray Manzarek, Todd Bridges, Summer Sanders, director-producer Morgan J. Freeman, Project Runway refugees Maya Luz and Jonathan Peters and Verge designees Nash and Joel Edgerton.

· Michael Musto brought the gossip real hard in a pair of Hollywood Kid installments.

· No matter how take-no-prisoners The A-Team and The Expendables think they are, you can bet they won't be dropping any game-show contestants into pits like these shows did.

· New trailers for Dinner For Schmucks, Splice, Twelve, I Am Love, and Sunset Daze all faced The Two-Minute Verdict.

· Recaps! So many recaps: American Idol, Lost, Project Runway, United States of Tara, Dancing With the Stars, South Park, Fringe, Parenthood, and V.

· While one fellow needed nine chapters to tell you what's wrong with Attack of the Clones, we solved The Marriage Ref's problems in a single IM chat.

· The ConanGate-related plot twist coming up on 30 Rock has nothing to do with Max Weinberg wanting to defect to Jay Leno's camp.

· The product-placement wars heated up with a greatest-hits compilation and the next big, horrible fad: Behavioral placement.

· With a little help from Tom Arnold, David Cross and Michael Madsen, our list of films that are Never. Gonna. Happen. Was kept nicely up-to-date.