Liz Taylor Marriage Gives Us One More Reason to Post Liz Taylor 'Marriage?!' Clip


Elizabeth Taylor deserves our congratulations today for two things: somehow not appearing on The Marriage Ref at all this season, and allegedly getting engaged to 49-year-old Jason Winters, manager to Janet Jackson. Said an "insider" to Us: "It's no secret that they've been together forever and are in love, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they were engaged." Sure, that sounds legit! Really, though, the best thing about this news is that it allows us to post the immortal Liz Taylor clip where the much-wedded actress is asked whether she would ever tie the knot again, and responds like a baby discovering she can make sounds. It is a joy. Happy Friday:

Source: Elizabeth Taylor, 78, to Wed for 9th Time -- to 49-Year-Old! [Us]


  • I don't think I believe that she is getting married again. She was pretty adamant that she would never do that again...ever. And I too am a fan of Liz. She was quite the looker in her day, and has violet eyes to boot. On the other hand I really think she deserves happiness - and if that means a toy boy, then good for her! : )