I Shelve You Phillip Morris


For the third and perhaps final time, the Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor caper-comedy/romance I Love You Phillip Morris has been bumped from theatrical release. Upstart distributor Consolidated Pictures Group, which spent the winter pushing the film from Feb. 14 to March 26 to April 30, now has scrapped the latter date with no replacement announced. As if you'd believe them anyway. Expect either a buyer who passed on the film at Sundance '09 to cheaply take it off CPG's hands or to see it on DVD. Will advise... [LAT]


  • Rafaela says:

    What a bummer! I really want to see this movie :/
    Let's have an internet distribution for it right away! o/

  • NP says:

    Grrrrrrr. Why couldn't they just do a limited engagement in NY/LA at least?? Or is that what the plan was all along _anyway_? So frustrating.