Can You Name All of the Celebrities in This South Park Promo?

Breaking South Park news: Cartman and the gang will celebrate the 200th episode of their Comedy Central series next Wednesday (that's April 14) by encountering every celebrity that they have ever mocked. In anticipation of the fun, join Movieline after the jump as we try to name each celebrity in the episode's teaser. The winner gets a five-minute video chat with Kip Drordy.

We'll start you off with five...

· Rob Reiner

· Kanye West

· Tom Cruise

· Mel Gibson

· Martha Stewart

Keep it going!

· South Park to feature every star show has slammed [THR]


  • Robbo says:

    Russel Crowe, George Lucas, Rosie O'Donnell, Britney Spears, Steven Speilberg, Bono, Mickey Mouse, Oprah, Paris Hilton, The Pope, Osama Bin Laden, Obama, Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen, Phil Collins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Al Gore, David Letterman, Hilary Clinton.
    That's most of them.

  • Pat says:

    Tina Yothers, Ben Affleck, JLo, Sally Struthers, John Travolta... Jimmy Kimmel... Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand, Rob Schneider, Karl Rove, Kathy Lee Gifford... Steve Irwin...

  • anonymous98 says:

    okay, russel crowe, george lucas, rosie o donnell, britney spears, steven speilberg, bono, mickey mouse, oprah, paris hilton, the pope, osama bin laden, obama, michael jackson, charlie sheen, phil collins, sarah jessica parker, al gore, david letterman,hilary clinton, tina yothers, ben affleck, jennifer lopez, sally struthers, john travolta, jimmy kimmel, robert redford, barbra streisand, rob schneider,karl rove, kathy lee gifford, stevet irwin,martha stewart, mel gibson, tom cruise, kayne west, rob reiner, and ........well thts most of them i guess.

  • Robbo says:

    I also see the Hardly Boys (hardy boy parodies) lurking behind Mel Gibson and Martha Stewart. And the man in camo pants behind Cruise and Redford is Kurt Russel

  • becoming leviathan says:

    obama is not in the fucking picture you fucking retard. that is tiger woods you stupid fucks.

  • nigger guy says:

    michael richards (kramer)

  • twa says:

    david blaine

  • cheeseburger in paridise says:

    jared from subway, jimmy buffet, and morgan freeman will also be in the episode.

  • Robbo says:

    Well, BECOMING LEVIATHAN, maybe you can tell this "fucking retard" who the man behind Mel Gibson is.