Attractions: Can a Date Trump a Titan?

Welcome back to Movieline Attractions, your regular guide to everything new, noteworthy and/or date-ready at the movies. This week brings all three -- right down to the name -- while a fake 3D holdover attempts to hold on to its No. 1. spot. But the real variety is at the art house. Let's have a quick look.

WHAT'S NEW: And I do mean "quick," because this weekend is a freaking wasteland for new releases. The only new wide release is Date Night, the Steve Carell-Tina Fey comedy that isn't quite blowing any minds but makes decent enough competition for Fox against the second week of Clash of the Titans. The later film should see its drop padded a bit by its ugly but practical 3D cushion, but we're still talking about a drop of at least 50 percent from last week's $61 million. I think it probably has the edge over Date Night, which should yield a nice Friday and taper off over the weekend to around $25.5 million. Clash will land somewhere around $28 million.

And that's it for the multiplex, though Tyler Perry would clearly prefer you take in Why Did I Get Married Too? on one of its, er, pitiful 2,100 screens. The rest of the action is on the indie front: There's the Aussie noir The Square (featuring this week's Verge interviewees, the Edgerton Brothers); the Doors documentary When You're Strange; the imported, acclaimed young relationship dramedy Everyone Else; the gothic Liam Neeson-as-a-mortician effort After.Life; Benjamin Bratt's '70s period drama La Mission; another Leonard Chess biopic (after Cadillac Records) Who Do You Love; the hilarious-sounding horror entry The Black Waters of Echo's Pond; and, in L.A., the Iranian import Women Without Men, the parent's-marriage doc Phyllis and Harold and the Italian comedy Mid-August Lunch.

THE BIG LOSER & THE UNDERDOG: Honestly, for the first time since I started writing this column two years ago, there aren't two films that qualify for either distinction. I'm calling this a baseball weekend, folks. Tell me if I'm wrong.

FOR SHUT-INS: Or, if baseball's not your thing (cough-heathen-cough), get thee to our new DVDerby, which replaces this segment of Attractions as your spot for new and/or recommended DVD releases.

See? Quick!