Ticked-Off Trannies Gets Its Protest


The controversial Tribeca Film Fest entry Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives was the subject of protests in New York yesterday, though not by its primary foe GLAAD; instead, trans rights organization MAGNET led the gathering outside New York's Tribeca Cinemas. "People are telling us to lighten up," organizer Ashley Love told the NYT, "but I heard reports of two more trans women murdered this morning. It's not a laughing matter. We're not laughing at all." [NYT]


  • Willam says:

    They're protesting because they don't like the content of this film and title. If you go on youtube, you'll see what a mess the protest was. They couldn't even get a proper "Hell no, we won't whatever..." going.
    These whiners should try to make a movie that has nothing to do with anything that's EVER happened in the world and let me know how you fare. Then see if it gets recognized by a film festival.
    If you hate the idea of Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, that's fine. but hating on the movie that you haven't even seen yet makes it hard for others to come to their own conclusions
    And don't go spouting off about violence either- Like no movie should be made depicting this happening to transsexual women. Take that argument & a cannoli to a Sopranos fan page and see how you fare.
    Did you protest Monster's Ball? That had violence against women that surely could offend. What about Jem? Pizzazz (who was surely a tranny) was always very cruel to Jem & ALL the Holograms. She tried to run them off a cliff.
    IT'S A MOVIE!!!! Fight a real battle. Li'l Ms. Love is a blowhard who has yet to say how she's seen Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives. Her credibility is further weakened by not admitting her supposed source. She wasn't at the sole screening of it in TX and her one-woman with a computer organization that is MAGNET doesn't have the pull to recieve screeners from film festivals.

  • Vanessa Edwards Foster says:

    Trés dismissive. Nice. Yes, we "trannies" are still the last legitimized group that people can be politically incorrect and make fun of with impunity. Enjoy it while you've got it though as we're using this type of behavior to fuel our march forward to put a stop to the bigotry.
    While you laugh now, let's see the laughs once GLAAD slaps TriBeCa Film Festival with a LIBEL suit. (Or slander, if it was a read statement over the phone). They're the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ... now defamed. Brilliant move! It amazes me how the Film Festival organizers would actually stoop to conjuring up fantastical claims about sending GLAAD the film months beforehand, or how the organization was "supportive" and helped provide tips on how to market the film to its core audience.
    No I haven't seen the film, William. And no, I really didn't write much on it beyond just what little the trailers' first impressions left (tasteless). But I did write about the defamation campaign against GLAAD (which they'll benefit from handsomely). And that was a serious faux pas. Shame on the TriBeCa Institute.

  • Willam says:

    Dear deluded Vanessa,
    you are not an arbiter of taste and far be it from anyone to "shame" something.
    The detractors are always the loudest. Don't fool yourself into thinking you've won something here when there's no actual sides or fights to be had. The movie's done. People will watch it. Boo hoo for you.
    I assume you're trans so you got to pick out your own name. Mine, however, was given from birth and is WILLAM, not william.
    This feels like gay ja vu. Constructive criticism would be if you made you own film and showed Mr Luna et al how wrong Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives is. Until then, you're just a whiney baby.
    boo hoo,

  • Vanessa Edwards Foster says:

    Willam (or Bill, is that's better)
    We're each arbiters of our own individual tastes, with no one person being supreme (which puts you in the same category).
    No fights to be had? Perhaps from your personal perspective, but why would you speak on behalf of GLAAD or the Trans community's view?
    Surely GLAAD should especially be pissed off for being publicly defamed by TriBeCa. And would you be okay if we made a similar slasher-revenge flick featuring all the stereotyped images of gay men in tawdry public bathroom trolling scenes, or bath-house thrillers (replete with plenty of promiscuous cheap sex?
    Your comments and mockery are quite a bit below juvenile -- truly nice advertisement for your movie. You're quite a zygote, Mr. Belli.

  • Willam says:

    The only fight I can say maybe existed, Vanessa, was for GLAAD and whatever group you spring forth from to get Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives removed from the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival.
    Since the movie is still going ahead as scheduled, I'd say that makes it Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives movie 1/Ticked-Off Trannies with complaints 0.
    (Bill is a nickname for William. So next time you reply with more blah blah blah's than Ke$ha, get it right)

  • Christina says:

    William, you seem to be ignoring many in the transgender community's concerns, which makes you appear selfish, an opportunist, uncompassionate and an artist who would do whatever possible to be famous, even if it means exploiting and degrading the images of transgender women. I would say its TOTWK "0", and protesters of TOTWK "1". The movie will never shake the bad reputation it has acquired because of the education the trans community had catapulted into society expressing why the film's depictions of transgender people and it’s title is offensive.

  • Willam says:

    Movies are supposed to be thought provoking and if thinking offends some of you, so be it.
    Go watch Winnie The Pooh and go to your safe place.
    p.s. maybe visit my blog, itAINTwilliam, and you'll get it.

  • What is she really speaking about in here? Socrates words of itellect suggests that we as people must always accept what is the truth of the situation and appreciate life.

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