Michael Musto's The Hollywood Kid: Renner, Runaways, and the Juiciest Blind Items Yet


Movieline mainstay Michael Musto has really outdone himself in his latest video installment of The Hollywood Kid, digging for scoops on Sandra Bullock (not as innocent as she may seem), Jeremy Renner (not as homosexual as he may seem), and Paris Hilton (exactly as she seems). Then, get ready for a couple of jaw-dropping, Oscar-adjacent blind items, some of which are so scandalous that I can barely believe who they're about. Fortunately for you, the eternally helpful Mr. Musto has provided a couple of clues, as well as one total freebie. We eagerly await your guesses in the comments!










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  • c. michael pemulis says:

    Obviously, the mercury poisoning would be Jeremy Piven. I could see Christoph Waltz as either with the dominatrix or the transvestite (He's Austrian, which is just close enough to German to be into some weird kinky shit. Not that I'm implying either is incredibly weird. It is 2010 after all.) Can't believe Gabourey Sidibe would hit on a woman in an elevator, but you don't leave a whole lot of room for doubt on that one, do you, Mikey.

  • Scriptgrrl says:

    Not Gabby - Queen Latifah was Oscar nominated for "Chicago" and she's apparently a lesbian.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    I'm saying Helen Mirren for everything. Except for the one about the British Oscar Winner with tattoos who married a director and lives in the Big Easy, that one is definitely Piven.

  • michaeltn says:

    Sandra Bullock is wonderful to work with. I think you may be confusing her being focused with "high maintenance." I'm not sure your sources really know what they are talking about. She has a great reputation in Hollywood and has angered the fewest people. She is highly regarded and rightfully so.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    If the internet has taught us anything (and there's a strong argument that it hasn't), it's that everyone has his or her unfair share of detractors. If there are people out there who hate Jesus, then I'm sure there a few who aren't too happy with Sandra (and just you know they're the same people).

  • marta says:

    You are SO funny! Love your comments.

  • What is she really talking about in article? Aritotle words of wisdom suggests that we as people must always accept what is the reality of the situation and appreciate life.