Laura Palmer Lurks On

· The groundbreaking David Lynch series Twin Peaks debuted 20 years ago today, at once posing a thrilling small-town mystery and inventing a new form of mysterious, multi-arc storytelling for TV. And he also gave us an opening credit sequence featuring what sounds like a more cerebral, epic version of Berlin's "Take My Breath Away":

· Punk pioneer Malcolm McLaren passed away at age 64. I understand that managing the Sex Pistols doesn't typically qualify a man for Movieline coverage, but he also made the influential video "Deep in Vogue," which certainly inspired Madonna's "Vogue," and we like both of those things around here. [TV Guide]

· Steven Spielberg is behind Future Earth, a new animated series for the Discovery Channel. I don't think it's an update of A.I. [Variety]

· Tina Fey has never tried a drug in her life due to "lack of curiosity." Then why do I believe Tracy Jordan is her spirit animal? [Cinemablend]

· Heidi Klum says that when she moved to New York, she "couldn't get a modeling job to save her life." Contrarily, when Michael Kors moved to New York, he immediately found work as a quippy tangelo. [ONTD]