Late Night Highlights: Another Tracy Morgan Story, Plus the Misery of David Letterman and David Duchovny

A wave of sadness washed over last night's 11:35 PM time slot, beginning with David Duchovny's own brand of malaise that could fill oceans -- or at least three segments on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where the Californication star discussed his many depression triggers. Meanwhile on CBS, David Letterman croaked through the Late Show, unwilling to let a little laryngitis force him into bed -- or as Chris Rock said, "back to that mean wife in Connecticut." After harping on the host's sex scandal a few more beats, Letterman finally butted in with, "All right, enough about me and my misery." Those soulful moments, as well as Luke Wilson's admission that he is one bad movie away from a cable crime series, after the jump.

5. Tracy Morgan Set Stories: Chapter 49

Death at a Funeral star Luke Wilson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to contribute another Tracy Morgan to the future on-set anthology before getting uncomfortably earnest about his faltering career.

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