EXCLUSIVE: Tom Arnold Boarding Peter Berg's Battleship


Tom Arnold is best known in the feature film world for supplying the comic relief in True Lies (I'd also recommend his nice-guy act in the Don Roos film Happy Endings), and though True Lies 2 definitely isn't on the docket, Arnold may have a chance to fulfill that very necessary action movie archetype once more. Movieline hears that Arnold is the second cast member confirmed for Peter Berg's board game adaptation Battleship, joining lead Taylor Kitsch. How do we know? The pissed-off actor told us himself!

Arnold dropped that scoop early this morning in the comments section of the Movieline article "9 Hyped Film Projects That Are Never. Gonna. Happen," while taking issue with our description of him as a relentless True Lies 2 flogger and a man who'd appear at a charity mixer alongside reality has-been Jon Gosselin:

Mr funny blogger. I remember when your magazine was a magazine and yes, I've punked you and many others about a follow up to True Lies. I specifically said it won't be called True Lies 2 (Jim's request and show me where Jim has said we won't work together again..read the Comic Com transcripts, MTV.com caught him saying he was trying to figure out story) but he and Arnold and I will work together. We are real friends. No one tells Jim what to do (even me) but I'd guess he'd like to do a nice character piece before jumping back into the sequel game (he's canoeing through the Brazinian rain forrest or some crazy shit right now (which apparently has Blackberry service and "has an idea" I pray that's not his revenge on all the trouble I've caused my friend...locating Arnold and me down there for a year..but we'd do it).

We've all been talking about another movie for 16 years (mostly me..on major Natl Talk Shows, which dont teld to repeat book complete losers as you described me:)...even bigger that the Jon Gosslin's of the world and I've actually done 70 other films (8 good one's since) so for a guy that worked at Hormel when he was your age or atleast the age you snidly write..it's all gravey. Doing Pete Berg's Battleship in Australia in August, got my kids camp and a couple indies for Sundance plus the standup and comedy special, 2 TV pilots sold this year (you should give film and TV a shot...man up, bitch)

Although, if the money's write and I'm not helping a close friend launch an internet show, I'd do the Gosslin thing and if you get the money in advance, I'll give you the commission so you can move out of mom's basement. (SNARKY!) L,Tom

Burn! I'll have you know, this basement can boast a very comfortable Barcalounger and a still-operational Super Nintendo (alas, my mom's copies of Mario Paint and Star Fox are irrevocably busted, owing to a tragic 2003 juicebox incident). Still, props must be paid to Arnold for snagging the high-profile gig, and we appreciate all the other little scooplets: Battleship is set for an August start, and James Cameron is busy canoeing in Brazin right now. Thank you, Tom, and godspeed!

[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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  • Keith says:

    Definite contender for Commenter of the Week.

  • Sciwriter 4 says:

    I have a great Screenplay about Aliens, and Tom Arnold is one of the four Main Characters in it. Maybe I could send him the first twenty. Does anyone know who reps him?