Battleship Sunk in Australia?


Not so fast, Tom Arnold! The actor bragged in our comments section that he'd be heading to Australia in August for Peter Berg's Battleship, but the film isn't actually shooting there. "Universal Pictures has decided not to shoot its U$150m movie adaptation of the Hasbro board game Battleship in Queensland, taking production to the US state of Louisiana instead," reported Encore. "It is the second high budget project that Australia loses to Louisiana, following last year's Warner production Green Lantern, which was set to shoot in Sydney." Maybe it was all an elaborate hazing devised by the film's lead, Taylor Kitsch? For Tom's sake, we hope that ticket's refundable. [Encore]


  • Chas says:

    They moved the location of the movie. So what? Why are you ripping on Tom Arnold for saying he'd be flying to Australia? Did you ever think that maybe that's the last he'd been told?
    Sounds to me like you're pissy because he tore you apart in his reply to your other story.

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