Add Quentin Tarantino's Vega Brothers to the List of Movies That Are Never. Gonna. Happen.


And now an addendum to yesterday's hot-button item cataloging movies you keep hearing about but which are Never. Gonna. Happen: Today it's The Vega Brothers, the long-rumored Quentin Tarantino prequel explaining just how Vic (Michael Madsen) and Vincent (John Travolta) developed into the hardened sibling criminals we know and love from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, Considering the respective 18- and 16-year-gaps between those films and today, however, a new approach is required. And guess what? Tarantino has it! Or so says Madsen in a video after the jump.

Madsen appeared Wednesday on a Boston morning-radio show to... well, I really don't know. Apparently to field listener calls, including one about the status of the Vega Brothers project. This cued a story I'm not totally sure I believe about Tarantino's recent trip to Tijuana, which allegedly yielded a new brainstorm for the filmmaker -- one Madsen said Tarantino passed along to him:

"I'd be Vic Vega's twin brother, he'd be Vincent's twin brother, and we're both on a flight from Los Angeles, having just been released from prison. And neither one of us know that we're the twin brother of the other one. And we're both on our way back to LA to avenge the death of our brothers..."

Yeah, OK. Never. Gonna. Happen. But! There's a whole comments section below for Madsen to elaborate on any more stirring developments that might persuade Movieline to believe. See Tom Arnold's example for submission guidelines.

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