3 Guesses: What 'Unlikely Romance' is Coming to Lost?


Attention Lost fans: In his weekly EW spoiler-fest, Michael Ausiello reveals that an "unlikely romance" will begin on the series in early May and that fans will "never guess this one." Forget the Smoke Monster -- this is the important stuff. To what pairing could Ausiello be referring? Time for some guesses!

· Claire and Sayid

For them: They're both revenge crazy and infected with whatever it is that the smoke monster infects people with. Also, Sayid has already proven he has a thing for blondes when he had that long-forgotten dalliance with Shannon.

Against them: Claire belongs with Chaaaaaaaaarlie.

Likelihood: Low.

· Ilana and Lapidus

For them: There's got to be a reason why Zuleikha Robinson and Jeff Fahey were given status as regulars for season six, because thus far they've done less than some red-shirted extras.

Against them: Does anyone actually even know who these two characters are?

Likelihood: Medium.

· Hurley and Jack

For them: Fans since season one already know that Hurley and Jack act like an old married couple around each other. Always bickering, always being adorable together. This relationship is made of win. Plus, it keeps Jack away from his unholy alliance with Kate.

Against them: Nothing. This is a love that was meant to be.

Likelihood: High.

· Ask Ausiello [EW]


  • Kilroy says:

    Llana and Richard (Two immortals whose skeletans will be discovered in a cave with black/white stones).
    Ben and Smocke (afterall, Ben has already seen Smocke naked, so to speak).
    Sawyer and a Wild Boar (because that boy's just nasty!)
    Eloise Hawking/Widmore and Jacob: (If the foot of the statue is rocking, don't come a-knocking)

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    Fingers crossed for Swayer and anyone! Go Team Swayer!

  • lucas says:

    Charlie is dead. get over it.
    that said, i think Claire and Sayid is not a shocker. Claire and Smockey. that would be awesome freak out.
    Kate and Ben would be great. After all, she did save his life when he was 12. if that's not love what is. Although it might be a tad too Connor/Cordy for some.
    oh i know. Hurley dies and Isabella uses his body to come back and we get Hurley and Ricard

  • syd says:

    its probably miles/ana-lucia, which is boring cause everyone thought that already, ausiello
    hurley and jack would really work! i wish i could see that.

  • snickers says:

    Hurley's sweaty moobs against Jack's manscaped chest? Eww.

  • daveed says:

    Ben and Zoe, who will be revealed to be Annie, Ben's childhood sweetheart from season 3