The Wit and Wisdom of Anna: Words to Live by from V's Alien Overlord


Visitor High Commander Anna might be a charming diplomat by day and a conspiring, human-skin-coated reptile by night in ABC's V, but we're beginning to realize she's also sort of a modern-day Confucius, offering up such applicable gems as "deliver a villain and a hero will present itself." Click through to read Anna's maxim from Pound of Flesh that might as well fill your fortune cookie.

Maxim: "There will always be obstacles in your way; it's not if you remove them, but how."

Context: Anna (Morena Baccarin), to her daughter Lisa as Lisa doubts whether she'll be able to get Tyler to come back to the Visitor ship.

Result: Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) high-tails it over to Tyler's dad's house, where Erica has stashed him in an attempt to keep him away from the V's. And with a simple "I missed you," she seems to have taken Anna's words to heart, removing the distance obstacle with with a few kind words.

Other applications:

Anna definitely took her own advice to heart this week as she tried to ferret out the Fifth Column resistance members hiding within her crew. Her solution? See how they respond to a horrific video of grappling hooks through shoulders and atomic bombs. The Visitors, who don't show experience emotion, will be easy to distinguish from those pansy, sympathetic Fifth Column members. And the V's who fail the test? They'll be forced to prove their loyalty by taking a pill that instantly turns them to dust. Remember: It's not if you remove your obstacles, but how. And in Anna's case this week, it's with an undaunted flourish.

On the ground, the resistance conspires to throw a kink into Anna's broadcast, in which she'll announce a new "Live Aboard" the Visitor ship program. To traverse that particular obstacle, however, they'll need to get the stealth-visitor Ryan on board the ship to upload the message "John May Lives." Tricky, especially with Anna's new emotion detection protocols. Ryan finishes up nearly without a hitch, but at the last minute, the new recruit, Hobbes, sends in poor Georgie Sutton to make sure he escapes. Georgie's captured and tortured, but to Hobbes, he's acceptable collateral as long as Ryan returns unharmed. Obstacle? Get Ryan out safely. Solution: Sacrifice Georgie. Anna might not feel bad about setting fire to her most loyal followers, but, as Hobbes throws Georgie into the lizard's den, he's not expressing too much remorse either.

Any more nuggets of wisdom from Anna and Co.? And are the humans and the V's shaping up to be, well, actually kind of similar after all (in extreme cases, of course)? Drop a line in the comments below.


  • Old No.7 says:

    Sorry ABC, but I'm getting my Morena Baccarin fix with a Firefly marathon on Netflix streaming.

  • blackhelo says:

    I really do enjoy V.
    Watch it every week.
    am waiting for some action.