Saturday Night Revived

· There's an old-timey promo out for Tina Fey's SNL hosting gig this week. It combines the artful nonchalance of Tina Fey and the unsettling everything of Fred Armisen. [NBC]

· Julianne Moore may be joining Steve Carell's non-comedy Stupid, Crazy Love with Ryan Gosling. But she hasn't even cleared up her stupid, crazy love with Jack Donaghy yet! [Cinema Blend]

· Adrian Grenier's documentary about a 14-year-old paparazzo has been picked up by HBO. [Variety]

· Yep, Harrison Ford is signed on for Cowboys and Aliens. I'll give it a year before the Temple of Doom tex-mex restaurant opens. [Cinematical]

· ABC's midseason schedule is out. Your Idol-free June Tuesdays are waiting to be filled with episodes of Wipeout and that skyscraper game show Downfall. [THR]