PSA Star Megan Fox Quits Teaching Career Before it Even Begins


A new Funny or Die video features Megan Fox and her boyfriend Brian Austin Green going to bat for the children of California. Sort of: It's kind of a "save our teachers" meets "save our schools" meets "Arnold Schwarzenegger hates your kids" meets comedy skit meets public service announcement that F.O.D. is increasingly known for -- except this one doesn't have the hot starlet mocking herself. Click through for the back story and the clip.

Per the LAT, Green's son really does attend the Wonderland Elementary School where this short (entitled Hot For Teachers) was recently filmed. The idea arose when the PTA president suggested a video, and another parent suggested Green. Then Green suggested Fox. Add the input of another parent at the school -- an "entertainment publicist" who helped write the video -- and the Funny or Die connection was born.

What ensued is distilled down to the four minutes you'll find below, a blend of farce, agit-prop and angst protesting California's proposed $2.5 billion budget cuts to eductation. Fox does fine as herself, backing into an overcrowded classroom of kids who think she's their teacher before learning the true extent of the threat from "the terminators in Sacramento." Here we go again, bashing my good old Sacramento. I prefer Heidi Montag for these videos, thank you very much.

· 'Hot for Teachers' video produced by L.A. parents protesting school budget cuts [LAT]


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