'Look Out, Hollywood': Blind Side Star Seeks New Agent On Popular Gossip Site


I don't really pretend to understand how ever-evolving agency connections are made these days, but I'm pretty sure most Hollywood power brokers would frown on Quinton Aaron's approach to seeking new representation. The 6'8" other star of The Blind Side was ambushed by TMZ cameras while leaving a party, then asked point blank to confirm his recent departure from APA. "If you're with people who don't believe in you, your career ain't gonna go nowhere," Aaron said. Fair enough, but is this really the best place to be having this conversation? Especially one disclosing that Aaron still hasn't met the man he played in the film? Cringe along after the jump.

Aaron's spokesman intervenes here to say that meetings are being taken and relationships are being built, and despite this down time after Blind Side's phenomenal run, things are in fact looking up. They've even made strides, he says, toward meeting Michael Oher, the football star whom Aaron plays in the film and who's notably said of Blind Side: "It's not true that I was that idiotic when I started." Yes, this era requires careful stepping and assiduous fence-mending, starting now. Know anyone?

· Blind Side Star - Hollywood's a Bitch [TMZ]

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