Late Night Highlights: Ed Asner Talks Dirty to Chelsea Handler While Jay Leno Eats Dogfood

After last night's brilliant showing by Ed Asner on Chelsea Lately, Movieline hereby elects the 80-year-old Up star to promote all future Pixar projects on the late night circuit. Click through to rate Lou Grant's sexy talk for yourself and catch the other P.M. highlights you missed while throwing darts at a photo of your former bandleader.

[By clicking through, you are agreeing that Ed Asner (and not Movieline) is to blame for ruining all future screenings of Up.]

5. Purina Dogfood: Breakfast of Late Night Champions

The Tonight Show host kicked off last night's episode with this cold open featuring Kirstie Alley and Kirstie Alley's Pomeranian.

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