Is Eva Longoria Parker on Team Nicollette?


Though we're still wondering what was meant in Nicollette Sheridan's lawsuit when she said Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry struck her "because he is a homosexual man," her former costar Eva Longoria Parker has apparently confirmed at least some of Sheridan's story. Here's what she said today (via Yahoo) on Ryan Seacrest's radio show:

"They did have a thing on set. I guess it was a couple years ago. It's so long ago, the actual incident, and I wasn't on set when it happened. Apparently, this incident had happened, and she felt it was wrong."

Although she tried to "get the dirt" on the incident, Parker, 35, told Seacrest "nobody's allowed to talk about it."

Pressed for more details, Parker replied: "Something happened on set regarding them doing a scene. She was doing a scene, and ... he was showing her how to do a scene. Honestly, I wish I knew [what happened]. During that time too, I didn't work with Nicollette's character."

That would jibe with what our cousin Deadline has heard about the incident in question:

What happened is there was a scene in which Neal McDonough, who played Nicollette's husband for the 5th season, was supposed to slap the actress. The way I hear it, during filming on September 24, 2008, Sheridan wasn't reacting the right way. So Cherry was on the set supervising and in that context only he struck her. "He was showing her on set how it should be played. Ninety people on the set know what happened," one insider explains to me.

Once again, Neal McDonough's refusal to manhandle an actress leads to acrimony.

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