5 Strengths Bill Condon Can Bring to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Whoa hey! Our cousin Deadline is reporting that Bill Condon is the frontrunner to direct the insane Twilight saga two-parter Breaking Dawn. Condon's been on the shortlist for a while, and since we've had some time to mull the idea over, here are five strengths he might be able to bring to the franchise:

1. Not Chris Weitz

2. Covered so many aspects of human sexuality in Kinsey -- including man-on-wife, man-on-Sarsgaard, wasp-on-wasp, and WASP-on-WASP -- that Breaking Dawn's taboo-breaking love scenes of girl-on-vampire and teenage-boy-on-vampire-baby should be a cinch

3. Proved ability to direct shirtless bad actors in Gods and Monsters

4. Can continue the Eclipse trend of replacing stars (in that case, hiring Bryce Dallas Howard to take over for Rachelle Lefevre) by subbing in Beyonce for Michael Sheen, Laura Linney for Kellan Lutz, and Condon's Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh star Tony Todd for Taylor Lautner

5. If there's anything a crazy adaptation of a Mormon saga about abstinence needs, it's an openly gay director ready to up the camp factor to 11

Godspeed, Bill!

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