3 Buzz Aldrin Choreography Themes We'll Never Get to See on DWTS

In a stirring conclusion where Buzz Aldrin and his partner Ashly Costa faced off in the bottom two against Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower, Dancing with the Stars ended up booting the meandering moonwalker. While his departure was inevitable, we mourn the possibilities left unexplored -- and namely, these three all-too-perfect Aldrin choreography themes. Get your seltzer ready!

1. Barbershop

Scene: County fair attendee Ashly Costa is swept off her spur-heeled stilettos when a jaunty barber saunters over, takes eight deep breaths, and sticks his arms out in a dance-resembling move. She can't help but swirl around him, kicking her foot over her head, leaping off the ground, jitterbugging into the audience and turning flip-flops behind him while the mustachioed barber continues to begin a foxtrot. Len Goodman docks points since it was supposed to be a quickstep.

2. Conmen

Say, say, say! Old-time snake-oil salesman Buzz Aldrin's taking his wheel-and-deal antics back on the road -- this time with the help of the well-suspendered apprentice Ashly Costa. As she woos the pauper crowds with her garishly labeled wares, turning pirouettes and backflips in the foreground, her boss stands in back on the truck, squatting a few times in tune with a beat.

3. Alien

Fearful astronaut Ashly Costa has heard strange things about her newest destination: The Moon. Is it made of green cheese? Is it safe for a fancy-free pasa doble? Is it a grainy green-screen that makes her look stupid? She's going to find out. As she steps foot on the craggy terrain in a silver gown with a helmet-looking cowl, she is greeted by a seated alien named Buzz. Unable to comprehend her thoughts, Lt. Ashley watches in sustained awe as the sparkly lycra creature rises from a lawn chair and turns in one incessant circle -- but with a welcoming smile. The astronaut decides to move to the moon, showing her excitement with a three-minute tarantella that ends up on the judges' table. The alien lies down on the floor.