The 4 Most Outrageous Titles Selected For This Year's TromaDance


Legendary cult-film impresario Lloyd Kaufman and the rest of those crazy Troma Entertainment kids were missed this year in Park City, where their annual TromaDance Film Festival had offered a blend of scintillating, schlocky and sincerely independent cinema for over a decade. (At the suggestion of Trey Parker, no less, whose own Cannibal!: The Musical went out through Troma and who proposed an alternative to the bloated celebrity zoo of Sundance.) In 2010, though, Kaufman has reeled the 'Dance back to the East Coast, where it will unspool 22 films over April 16-17 in Asbury Park, N.J. But that doesn't diminish the real joy of TromaDance, to wit: What outrageous film titles has the Troma gang gathered under its big top this year?

It's a tough tradition to uphold; think back to historic cult names such as Taco Chick and Salsa Girl, sh*iteatboy, Night of the Living Gay, Pinch Me Jesus, Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl & Incest Boy, A-Bo the HuMonkey, _Pliers, Coagulation Agent and

Plumbing Cream_, Pimple Goatee Shaving Kid and a handful of other greats. And now, looking at this year's program (which was announced late Monday), consider these four your tentative inductees to the TromaDance Title Hall of Fame:

· Four Thieves and the Not-So Sweet Shop

· The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II - The Secret of Kottlitz Castle

· Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove

· Small Penis

Can't. Wait. Also: Has anyone seen Lazer Ghosts 1? Laser Cove sounds like the vacation spot of the future. Asbury Park, here we come!

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