Rumor Patrol: Harrison Ford to Join Cowboys and Aliens?


According to one report, Harrison Ford is potentially set to appear in Jon Favreau's comic book adaptation of Cowboys and Aliens. Ford would join previously announced stars Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde, though what his role would be remains a mystery. One rumor that can be dispelled: This film's titular aliens will not leave a treasure trove of knowledge behind. [Latino Review via The Playlist]


  • scotty james dio says:

    Please let this be true! Harrison Ford is the world's greatest action hero and this sounds like the perfect kind of role for him! I would love to see him in a big budget action flick again! I've never read the comic book ("They're graphic novels Joel!") but I would definitely see this movie just because of Harrison Ford! And if you didn't like Crystal Skull you should watch it again because you missed a great ride the first time!