Movieline is (Still) Hiring!


Heads up, folks: We're still looking to fill a Night Editor position (12:00 am - 9:00 am EDT shift), and would like to encourage applicants from overseas to apply. Being based in Europe might be the easiest, as the job requires blogging as well as original reporting and interviews -- all of which are harder to do Stateside in the dead of night. We could use a New York-based intern as well. Inquire within!

First of all, a few things we'd like from any potential Night Editor candidates:

· Be very familiar with Movieline and what we're about.

· Please have professional experience working on the film and TV beat (contacts in the industry are a huge plus).

· Have a definable voice, a sense of humor and Jedi-like skills at producing clean and plentiful copy on a constant deadline.

Movieline also has a (poorly) paid internship position in the New York office (midtown Manhattan). This is a part-time gig largely involving the site's newsletter, our archive project and helping boost our social media presence -- though writing opportunities are available as well.

Interested? Please send a resume and cover letter telling us why you'd be a perfect fit at Movieline to Thanks, and good luck!