Late Night Highlights: Kristen Bell Welcomes Craig Ferguson's Robot Sidekick and Jay Smooches Ellen

Last night, Craig Ferguson finally unveiled his new robot sidekick, Geoff Peterson, a smartly dressed skeleton constructed by Mythbusters guru Grant Imahara. Geoff may not have Andy Richter's one-liners but he is equipped with pre-recorded responses ("You're the man.") and a few movements than can be controlled by the host from his desk. The Late Late Show celebrated Geoff's debut with a musical cold open and then a sit-down with one of the show's favorite guests, Kristen Bell, who tested Geoff's tolerance with a story about her own dietary intolerance. Those moments, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while reviewing your Easter Egg Roll performance, after the jump.

5. How 24's Cancellation and the Kids' Choice Awards Are Ruining America

During last night's Threatdown segment, Stephen Colbert revealed that 24's cancellation might mean that our nation can no longer justify the use of torture. In related stories, the Kids elected to present Michelle Obama with a special award.

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