Kome to Kabletown!

· Kabletown, the company that Jack Donaghy partners with on 30 Rock, now has a real, NBC-built website that bears a passing resemblance to Comcast's digs. Who's excited to see an official listing for Fresh-Ass: Based on the Novel 'Tush' by Assfire? [Kabletown]

· Movieline granddaddy Seth Abramovitch's first article in Canada's The Globe and Mail came out today. I command nostalgia to overwhelm you! [The Globe and Mail]

· Maura Tierney, who left Parenthood after being diagnosed with breast cancer, will return to TV in the seventh season of Rescue Me. She'll reprise her role as Kelly McPhee starting in 2011. [Cinemablend]

· Diablo Cody, who already gave birth to a bouncing baby One Page Screenplay for Movieline, is pregnant with an actual child. The Chinese government has promised to shoot it out of a cannon at a sporting event. [Twitter]

· Corin Redgrave, brother to Lynn and Vanessa, died today at age 70 following a long battle with prostate cancer. He's best known for his roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral, A Man for All Seasons, The Charge of the Light Brigade, and In the Name of the Father. [Variety]

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