Twelve Trailer: This is Joel Schumacher. This is Joel Schumacher's Movie on Drugs


Whoo boy, you guys. Indie upstart Hannover House has released a three-minute (!) trailer for the Joel Schumacher drugs-and-rich-kids drama Twelve, which was hissed at during its Sundance debut but at least stars actors with a certain amount of teen cachet, like Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts. Naturally, the best time to release a movie with them is opposite The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. In the clip, you'll see several of Movieline's twelve things wrong with Twelve, and you even get a glimpse of PC Peterson, premature ejaculator. (Between his cameo and Kim Zolciak's stint as a featured extra in the upcoming The Joneses, it's a good time to be a moonlighting Bravo star!).

One other item of note: this trailer may feature the majority of Crawford's very few lines, but it does not even begin to feature 1/1000th of narrator Kiefer Sutherland's.



  • SousChefGerard says:

    In his attempt to cram every conceivable cliche into this three minute orgy visual, good to see Schumacher crib from Soderbergh's 'Traffic' with 50 Cent pulling a Jim Brown in '100 Rifles.'

  • JC says:

    I'm pretty sure this happened last week on Gossip Girl. I think I can already hear the voice over. "Wakey, wakey Upper East Siders..."

  • Charline Roddick says:

    if you're not using http://tinyurl. com/32uv9us then your bound to fail haha