Does This Sunset Daze Trailer Reveal a Jersey Shore for Old Folks?

Over the next year, nearly every reality show will be pitched as, "Jersey Shore, but with ____." Still, that's not to say that there aren't some enticing permutations of that pitch, and who among us wouldn't be intrigued by the We channel's new series Sunset Daze, which producers are describing as "Jersey Shore in a rest home"?

Unfortunately, the trailer for the show is somewhat light on characters, catchphrases, and inappropriate clothing, and once you take those out, is there any spirit of the Shore left? Only in the amazing red bouffant of "Gail, the actress" do we begin to get a detail that could rival Snooki's famous poof. Meanwhile, the trailer shows tedious activities like a trip to a clay shooting range or the reading of a play. I want love triangles, dammit! I want expletives and shouting provoked by a particularly heated game of Wii Bowling!

VERDICT: I didn't see one bleeped cuss word or spot of pixellated nudity. Pass.