Revealed: Your Raunchy Kate Winslet/Hugh Jackman Short-Film Spoiler


Well, that was fast. Not long after this afternoon's teasing comments from Emma Stone about the top-shelf raunch in Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet's segment of Untitled Comedy, along comes a Movieline reader in the know with what to expect from the five-minutes short. And I have to admit: Even after bouncing a few hundred depraved possibilities around the Movieline water cooler, I'm not sure anyone here would have come up with this one any time soon. Click through for the brief, spoilerrific explanation:

It goes like this:

Well, I've read it. So I know the secret. And I guess I'll spoil it, though it'll probably be funnier as a surprise. [...] Jackman's balls are located under his chin. And no one 'sides Winslet seems to notice/care.

Huh. Amusing! And: That really, really would have made Australia so much better.

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