I Am Love Trailer: Tilda Swinton at Full-Throttle Fierceness


The trailer is out now for Tilda Swinton's festival stunner I Am Love, which you may remember was the subject of our conversation with her back at Sundance (that is, when we weren't talking about Conan O'Brien). It's ravishing and totally incomprehensible -- just like the film!

Don't get me wrong, though: that's part of the charm of this overheated Italian-language melodrama. At some point, you eventually give up on trying to figure out which character is which and who's talking about who (they all seem to have eight thousand nicknames!) and you just let it wash over you; fortunately, the trailer is a perfect distillation of that. Just imagine two hours of what you see here -- Tilda nearing emotional breakdowns with her hair and costumes still on point -- and add in the one thing the trailer doesn't show you, which is one of the year's hottest, raunchiest sex scenes. Don't sweat the fact that the trailer doesn't tell you what the movie is about. It's art, darling. It doesn't have to make sense.