Going Out with Several Bangs

· The trailer for the third and final season of The Boondocks is the most socially and politically charged footage I've seen since that new Erykah Badu video. Granted, that came out three days ago. But still -- this is powerful stuff. And it's only a trailer! The face on the other side of that dart will look familiar to fans of Fred Armisen. [YouTube]

· Are you ready. For. The Bosom Buddies reunion. [LA Times]

· Sh*t's getting Rielle. Oprah will interview John Edwards's baby-making mistress, the same woman who gave us the quote, "Before I met Johnny, I had a lot of judgment about infidelity. Now I have a much deeper and greater understanding and acceptance of people's processes." Oprah's going in for the tackle. [Perez Hilton]

· Fox has canceled slow-starters 'Til Death and Sons of Tucson. LA Times]

· And finally, Howard Stern's new war of words with Jamie Foxx is getting interesting. Jamie Foxx claims he's not gay because he eats pizza in the shower. And two, it even doesn't matter, Foxx claims, because Howard has gonorrhea. I am glad this is settled! [Gawker]


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