Friday Box Office: Titans Will Cash


If it's a weekend in 2010, you can be sure that there's a 3D film sucking up dollars. The overly hyped Clash of the Titans turned the trick yesterday with an estimated $30 million (including $4.2 million from Thursday screenings), meaning it will shatter the Easter weekend record of $40.2 million held by—wait for it—the immortal Scary Movie 4. As for the other openers: Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too landed in second with $13 million (if only it were in 3D), while The Last Song finished fourth, with just $7 million. Don't fret too much, though, Miley Cyrus fans: Song has already taken in around $17 million since opening on Wednesday and should finish the weekend with $25 million. And with that, the butterflies fly away. The top-five after the jump.

CLASH OF THE TITANS: $30,000,000 (new)

WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO: $13,000,000 (new)

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: $11,200,000 ($74,300,000)

THE LAST SONG: $7,000,000 ($16,300,000)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: $3,000,000 ($304,500,000)

[via Deadline]


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    or someone has gotten off the meds this weekend.

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