5 Bunnies Worse Than the Easter Bunny


You have to feel a little bit bad for the Easter Bunny. Unlike Santa Claus, he doesn't bring people presents. And unlike the Tooth Fairy, he doesn't get to dispense money. But that doesn't mean he has to be such a jerk. All the Easter Bunny does is hide eggs around the house like a College Humor prankster. Where's the fun in that? This maligned bunny is just one in a long line of annoying and off-putting leporids. Read on for five other bunnies even worse than the Easter Bunny.

The Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies, One Crazy Summer

Of all the 80s references jammed into Hot Tub Time Machine, Steve Pink and John Cusack couldn't find room for one hat tip to One Crazy Summer? For shame! One of the most off-the-reservation parts of "Savage" Steve Holland's ode to sailing and boiling lobsters are the animated cutaways that feature Cusack's rhinoceros alter-ego and some cute and fuzzy bunnies. Only the "cute and fuzzy bunnies" are actually belligerent drunks with a penchant for insult humor. It's a good thing they end up getting massacred.

The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

God love Michael Sheen--after all he was hilarity squared as Liz Lemon's "future husband," Wesley Snipes, during a recent arc on 30 Rock ("Gangway for foot cycle!")--but his timid and prissy line readings as the White Rabbit in Tim Burton's blockbuster were some of the most grating parts of an unbelievably patience-trying movie. When venturing into blockbusters, perhaps Sheen should stick to Twilight.

Frank and his Rabbit Costume, Donnie Darko

Not sure what's worse: the incredibly scary rabbit costume that James Duval wears throughout Donnie Darko or that scene in the movie theater when he pulls the mask off to reveal a gunshot wound through his eye. Watch below and thank Richard Kelly for the nightmares.

The Trix Rabbit

How has The Trix Rabbit not realized that to get his paws on a bowl of the precious cereal, he should disguise himself as a child? Trix are for kids, dummy.

The Killer Rabbit, Monty Python & The Holy Grail

And finally: "The most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on." Considering the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python can literally rip your head off, that description seems apt.