Splice Trailer: Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley Make a Murderous Baby Together

"Hey, there's a new Splice trailer," I said today to my Movieline comrade-in-arms, who had caught the film back at Sundance. "That movie is f***ing disgusting," he replied. Between that recommendation and this clip, I think I'm starting to get excited.

Below, you'll watch as hipster scientists Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley decide to do a little experimentation with human cloning, though they include juuuust enough non-human DNA to make their project a little more legal. Sadly, it looks like whatever they've imported is pure evil, as their new monster-baby is prone to jumping, hissing, and showing off its incisors. The trailer manages to reveal both too much and just enough...do yourself a favor and don't freeze-frame near the end, as I suspect there are some split-second surprises revealed there. Still, I'm always on board for a good monster-child movie. It's like this year's Orphan, but with more slime!



  • NP says:

    Hmmm. Will definitely be seeing this one.

  • southwer says:

    so exciting! Sarah Polley AND a genetic mistake!

  • VoV says:

    Just WHAT animal(s) did they use for their DNA splicing then??
    Did they sit down and go ... lets think of some really violent predators we can combine human DNA with so we can make a crazy freak?