Splice Trailer: Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley Make a Murderous Baby Together

"Hey, there's a new Splice trailer," I said today to my Movieline comrade-in-arms, who had caught the film back at Sundance. "That movie is f***ing disgusting," he replied. Between that recommendation and this clip, I think I'm starting to get excited.

Below, you'll watch as hipster scientists Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley decide to do a little experimentation with human cloning, though they include juuuust enough non-human DNA to make their project a little more legal. Sadly, it looks like whatever they've imported is pure evil, as their new monster-baby is prone to jumping, hissing, and showing off its incisors. The trailer manages to reveal both too much and just enough...do yourself a favor and don't freeze-frame near the end, as I suspect there are some split-second surprises revealed there. Still, I'm always on board for a good monster-child movie. It's like this year's Orphan, but with more slime!



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