Skip the Lines This Weekend -- Win an iPad From Movieline!


Unless you've already obligated yourself to give the world's highest-tech Easter basket to a special someone in your life, get out of the queue at Best Buy or your nearby Apple Store and acquire an iPad the way God intended -- free, from Movieline. Inquire within.

Your road to electronic glory goes straight through Movieline's Facebook page, where joining as a fan today bespeaks not only your impeccable taste and refinement, but also your basic human desire to win free stuff. Don't hide it!

Once you've pledged your unswerving devotion, you're ready to officially enter by filling out the info here. The deadline is April 15 -- less than two weeks away, folks. Operators are currently standing by. Good luck!


  • NP says:

    I wanna win! I wanna win!

  • Colander says:

    I could really use another reason to feel better than people, so winning this would be super sweet.

  • Blackcapricorn says:

    I feel like I have been your friend "forever" for this iPad! JK, I love the MM Power Rankings and the Finger Bang Threat Index. iPad, pretty please?

  • major disaster says:

    So is there a separate division for people without Facebook accounts? I love you guys, really, but it kind of sucks that this is tied to Facebook membership.

  • Mikey says:

    Life is hard and cruel. But especially hard. No--I meant cruel! Cruel I say! Does this affect my chances of winning?

  • Katherine Romkema says:

    This would be too cool, I have never had the opportunity to have cutting edge technology as it comes out.

  • Daruma says:

    Let me win so it'd be easier to take Movieline with me wherever I go!!! Have been here longer than some... I sure could use an iPad if only to save money on text books, but would be great to have and discover all of the wonderful things I could do and interactive applications I could come up with... Then maybe I could start my own business and stop working for the man...

  • Frank Lennartz says:

    Maybe I could retire my old pentum 3 computer if I was to win the i-pad

  • Chuck says:

    I really love this site,not because of their promo but because of the maturity in every way round,but i will also love to win

  • Chuck says: