The South Park Casualty Count: 'Medicinal Fried Chicken'

Last week on South Park, Cartman and the gang ridiculed literary censorship by penning the most vile book in history and this week, Cartman and Randy went to extraordinary lengths for some crispy fried chicken and Rainy Day Woman after the town turned its only KFC into a medicinal marijuana dispensary. After the jump, Movieline tallies the victims from last night's episode, which managed to combine a Scarface homage, hippity-hop testes and the image of Cartman snorting a line of KFC gravy fried chicken skin. And Pope Benedict, if you are reading this, you might not want to click through.

After Cartman finds out that Colorado has banned Kentucky Fried Chicken (a revelation which literally blows the boy's mind), Cartman finds an illegal KFC ring and agrees to help smuggle the fried chicken in from Corbin, Kentucky. After a visit to the Colonel's palatial estate, Cartman assumes the role of South Park's KFC kingpin but selfishly undermines the operation by indulging in his own fried chicken addiction, rather than stopping Jamie Oliver's campaign for healthy eating.

Meanwhile, Randy purposefully exposes his private area to microwave rays and wakes up the next morning with testicular cancer, hippity-hop-sized testes and a prescription for marijuana. After convincing his friends to all contract cancer in time for the Ziggy Marley concert, the town doctor becomes suspicious and makes marijuana illegal again.

Movieline counted four popular figures slayed in last night's episode (one of which was already dead):

· Ziggy Marley ("What forms of cancer induce in time for the Ziggy Marley concert next Saturday in Denver?")

· Jamie Oliver (who was trying to shut down the nation's fast food restaurants to Cartman's dismay)

· Colonel Sanders

· The Pope

Of all the victims though, Pope Benedict was treated the most cruelly. Upon being asked if he would be interested in smuggling KFC into South Park, Cartman responded an indubitable yes with three separate pope slams:

· "Does the pope help pedophiles get away with their crimes?"

· "Is that something I'd want to do? Is the Pope Catholic? And making the world safe for pedophiles?"

· "Does a bear crap in the woods? And does the Pope crap on the lives and dreams of 200 deaf boys?"

Kenny's Cause of Death: N/A. After the initial trip to KFC after soccer practice, Kenny was absent from the episode.

Obligatory Anti-Semitic Slur: (to Kyle, on the way to KFC) "Shut up, you shifty Jew. I'll f*cking kill you! Sorry, sorry. When I've been waiting too long for the Colonel's chicken, I get easily agitated. " -- Cartman

Other targets: Competing fried-chicken brands ("Church's Fried Chicken tastes like cat sh*t") and the abuse of the medicinal marijuana system ("Get your own medicinal marijuana cards. You've all got your own microwaves at home!").

Movieline Rating: 6/10


  • EdFan says:

    How was Ziggy slammed? I'm pretty sure he openly smoked Marijuana. The Pope allowed 100's of children to be molested, and you say he is the victim!!! DISGUSTING Moving priests around and repeatedly letting them commit child rape. The Pope should be raped 100's of times and then set on fire, and that still wouldn't be justice but at least that pervert would be dead.

  • Xiola says:

    Ziggy Marley wasnt being slayed, Randy simply wanted to get stoned at the concert. Thats why he needed to get cancer before the show, so he could get some hash and watch Marley.