Roman Polanski, Swiss Waiting on L.A.


Hey, so what's new with Roman Polanski? For starters, he's still under house arrest in Gstaad, where he awaits a ruling on extradition to the U.S. But the Swiss justice ministry announced Wednesday that it won't make a ruling until an L.A. judge rules on whether Polanski's judicial-misconduct appeal can be heard without the filmmaker present. That decision is forthcoming eventually; no hearing date is scheduled yet. No rush, gang. [NYT]


  • Martini Shark says:

    Is this becoming the new Generalisimo Francisco Franco headline?

  • maurikarl says:

    i am lost! what is wrong with people who defend Polanski? we get Nazi criminals out from under wherever they may hide 60 years after committing their crimes and we bring these very old men to court very rightly so. Like a crime is a crime is a crime. What on earth prevents some individuals from understanding this basic truth and who has forgiven this man except he himself and the victim who has been paid to do so?

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